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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thrifty Sunday- April 11,2010

I love to shop in thrift stores. I make a mental list of the things I hope to find and set off, sure in my heart that they will be there waiting for me. I am seldom disappointed.

 Shopping is my heroin,
 Finding a good deal is my rush,
 Value Village is my dealer.
My name is Rhianna and I am a thrift store junkie.

This week , having been inspired by some blog posts raving about the uses of Apothacary jars and cloches as decorating tools, I set off in search of something similar.

 Apothacary jars often have a pedestal base and a filial top to distinguish them from ordinary jars, so I was going to keep my eye out for those components.

Cloches ( which is the French word for bells) were glass domes used in gardens as mini greenhouses to start tender plants.

 In modern day, they are more likely to be found covering little vignettes of life on peoples mantles.

Here is one bloggers crafty use of thrift store finds to creat her own cloche

So all fired up and inspired, I set off shopping

This was my first big find of the day. This wonderful jar. It didn't have a lid however, so I spent a long time trying every wineglass in the store on top of it, much to the beausment of the other shoppers.
This is the one I finally settled on, but I wasn't that happy with it. I was thinking of removing the bottom of the glass and grinding smooth the stem.

But when I got home, my gaze settled on this pointy glass thing I found a few weeks ago.
I liked this better than the wine glass, but it still didn't look quite right to me.
I had also picked up this jar and was going to turn it upside down and glue the lid to the bottom....
but I didn't really like that look either.
Then I decided to try the lid from this jar on the bigger jar, and finally, I am happy!
I came across four of these crystal votive holders for $10 and my first thought was that they would look good with shrimp cocktail in them.
I also picked up a few sets of candleholders to use as bases on jars

Hmmm. I wonder what they would look like glued to the bottom of the votive holders?
I like it, I like it alot!

Your probably wondering why I got these wierd looking candle holders...wait for it
They come apart!
I was going to use these as bases and filials for jars to create my own apothacary jars.

But I am liking them under the voitive holders as well.

I found this hanging cloche with a seriously ugly plastic flower arrangement in it. I told the store they could keep the flowers, brought it home, removed it from the hanger and voila, my first cloche, two whole dollars spent!

Today was a good day and I found a lot of other goodies as well.
I love this ying/yang serving plate
Here are my new treasures waiting for me to start decorating with them.
I found this serving dish, which matches quite well with these......
....wonderful serving dishes I picked up last week.
It looks like I have started a collection of dinnerware for outdoor dining on the patio. Dang, that means I will have to keep shopping, sigh....

Now normally, I am not a big fan of the brass look, but I read a blog today where she had painted brass candlesticks white. They turned out great, so I paid more attention to the brass section today. I think this painted white and planted with pretty spring flowers is going to look fabulous!
I was not looking for this at all, until today I had never even heard of these but for 4 bucks I was willing to take it home and try it out. It fits over any kind of stove burner and turns it into a grill.
I have no idea why I bought this , but it I loved it and I am sure I will find a place or use for it.
Last but not least was this very pretty glass hummingbird feeder. It was only a dollar as it was missing the cork and feeder tube, but I am sure i can find one of those easy enough.

My monkey has been satisfied for another week, tune in next week for another shopping frenzy.

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  1. Wonderful things, I love shopping too ! I check goodwill every week and this past week was great ! I think some one was moving or cleaning. Thanks for sharing

  2. I used to hit it regularly but find VV is kind of expensive next to the other really good thrift stores like MCC, Aunt Leah's or Sally Ann. I always thought VV monies went to charities but apparently it doesn't. I'll hit the VV as a last resort!

  3. Hi Bowiechick, I realize that Value Village does not support causes like so many other thrift stores. My rational for shopping there is that I like to recycle things and buy used rather than new. If it was just about supporting a cause, I would likely just donate to the cause directly. That being said VV is by no means the only thrift store I frequent, so many charities do profit from my shopping habits.

    VV tends to be the biggest of thrift stores and have the most variety of used goods, so I get more bang for my driving dollar.

    Also in the past, I have tried very hard to donate goods to various charitable stores only to be told, they don't accept this and that and have been turned away with vanloads of goods. Rather than have everything end up in a landfill, I will give it to VV so at least it gets recycled.

    As far as pricing, I find it varies tremendously, I have paid both higher and lower prices at their stores, depending on the item and the location. In the end though, it is still cheaper than new and I am still recycling which makes me a happy shopper.

  4. I know you can't beat the HUGE-ness of Va-lu Vil-lage. I didn't mean to come off as critical tho - you found some nice scores! Apologies if I did! I did get a great score on my oak quarter-sawn arts and craft table for 30 bucks at a VV. They are a good go to place for sure.


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