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Hello, my name is Rhianna and the time has come for me to share all that I have learned from the wise wylde women in my life.

From my Mother, I learned to cook, bake, refinish antiques, nurture plants and decorate with found treasures.

From my Grandmother, I learned to live close to the Earth,  respect all living things,  reduce my footprint with conservation and recycling,  look for natural ways of healing the body and to study the old ways.

From my Shamanic teachers, I  learned how to create my own rituals to signify my intentions,  work with many healing modalities, work with community and to connect with my higher power.

I am a 51 year old gypsy who works as a Registered  Massage Therapist( scroll through the index to see the links to places I work)and does crafts in my spare time. Read 100 things about me if you want to know more. If you want to know a lot more and gain some insight on living on a boat read my other blog The Cyberangel ChroniclesThis link goes to the story of my car accident, the pain I suffered and my subsequent healing during a didgeridoo healing ceremony.

 I believe in recycling as much as possible and to that end, I buy almost everything second- hand. I love spending hours hunting for treasures in thrift stores and flea markets.

 I am in the process of trying to build a float home for free. For the last year I have been collecting everything I can from the free section of Craigslist. I have managed to fill a 40 foot container with all kinds of treasures and building materials. At this point I just need a house frame and I am ready to go. I hope that it won't be too much longer before I can start putting it all together and finally have my dream home.

**UPDATE** I finally have my dream home! A wonderful 100 year old floating cabin, here is the story and here is a more detailed version of how it came home along with photos of the interior.

So welcome to my cottage. Come on in,  pull up a seat,  pour a cup of tea and join me for some storytelling and sharing of ideas.

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