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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrifty Sunday April 17,2010

It's funny how one day you spot something in a thrift store that catches your eye. Your not sure why you have to have it or what you are going to do with it but you buy it anyway. Then the next thing you know, every time you walk in another store you keep seeing more of the same pattern or style.

 A few weeks ago, I picked up a large serving platter. I had actually seen it there for a few weeks in a row and it caught my eye every time but I didn't have anything else to go with it so I never bothered to get it. Then finally I almost felt sorry for it and feeling flush that day I threw it in the basket.

The next time I went in the store I saw a few more pieces that would go with it, so grabbed those too.

 This week, the run continues. I picked up this large bowl and oil bottle and didn't even realize they were a set until I got them home and posed them for this picture.

                          I also found this charming olive tray to go with the set


These coasters also  go with my new theme of dishes with fruits and vegetables on them

A few weeks ago I also found a wonderful glass dish with an inlaid ying/yang sign. Again , don't really have a set of clear glass serving dishes, but that is quickly changing. I love this beautiful platter and side dish

and this sweet dish with a heart in the center

This dish is another " not sure why I got this item", but I liked the lion faces on it and could see it doing duty as a dish in a bathroom to hold something

I can see this painted white with a candy dish on top

The best deal of the day by far though was these wonderful cabinets. I have been searching for something similar to put my spice jars in. I wanted to replicate something that would look like my friends funky spice cabinet.

 I was losing hope of finding what I wanted ,so had asked  a friend of mine to build me a cabinet. Before he could start on it though, he found these two cabinets in a thrift shop. They are solid oak spoon racks with glass doors. The racks will be removed and shelving put in their place. They can hold 24 jars each and just need a slight modification to adjust the depth. I am thrilled to pieces with these and can't wait to finally have the spice rack of my dreams.

On that note, I need your help. I found 16 of the spice jars but now I want  32 more. I don't know if there is a store out there carrying them, but if anyone sees any more like these, Please tell me where I can get them, Thank you so much!

This jar is a HomeSense find for 6 dollars, I love purple and this one is a gorgeous colour which looks even better in real life
I picked up these for my kitty while I was there, It's almost a shame to cover up the picture with food, they are so cute.

I found this as well. I am not too sure what it is to be honest. What would you do with it?

It's not very big and is made of cast iron or something,it weighs a ton. I think it may be for displaying dried flowers or something . If anyone knows please tell me. Or if you have an interesting idea for what to use it for, I would love to hear it.

My friends that found the spice shelves for me have this wonderful display in their kitchen. I got totally stoked when I saw it. I always see these copper baking forms but never thought to buy them until I saw them displayed like this. Wonderful kitchen art, must have this!!!

                           Now I have something else to look for, can't wait to see what I find

A pretty picture showcasing some of last weeks finds.

Happy thrifting!


  1. Rhianna, the white cast iron thing is a florist frog. Frogs are used to anchor the stems and many can be made of glass or wire/metal. That piece and the white lion bowl look very french. I think the lion bowl is Emile Henry as I bought one in green for my Mum (she puts her garlic in it.)

  2. Thanks Tana, thought thats what it was. I wish the holes were a bit bigger, I kind of pictured it as a toothbrush holder. Thanks also for the link to the dish site, that bowl definately looks alot like those ones. Now if only I could find more of the spice jars I would be really happy.


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