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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Onomancy- Divination Based on Your Name

                          Your Name Says More About You than You Think!

We all know that a person's name holds many meanings. It has meaning depending upon the language from which it was derived; it has meaning according to Numerology. It also has meaning according to according to letters used to make the name as well.

Each letter of your name lends a certain characteristic to your destiny. They show your strength and weaknesses, those characteristics which can help you on your path or hinder you. The more a letter is used in your name, the stronger those characteristics are in your personality. Only you can decide how you will use this knowledge and only you can barter with destiny for your future actions.

A : This letter signifies a strong vitality. Though it does not rule out ill health, care and common sense will quickly see you through. Be careful when dealing with others in domestic or financial crisis for an overabundance of this letter denotes a person who can become irritable and nervous when pressed. Throwing yourself into some new activity can help you overcome shyness and an overly sensative nature. Watch out for surprises for they may cause you to move around a great deal. You may never return to the place of your birth should this occur. A somewhat fickle temperament denoted by the presence of this letter must be controlled or you may hurt yourself. Your ambitions can be attained if you are willing to apply the needed energy and sacrifice the time to learn the skills you will need for the job.

B : You will have the ability to direct the actions of others if this letter is prominant in your name. You will be a respected leader if you can apply yourself honestly and thoughtfully. You are very adaptable to new situations, and you can handle practically any problem providing you stay away from extremes. Think before you act should be your watch-words for you are possessed of a sometimes careless nature which will often destroy any plans you make. You are a person who is not happy unless you are working toward solving a problem. Stubborness is also a problem for you, but you must learn to lay aside hopeless causes or you will meet with many discouraging situations. Be careful not to be overly generous because this will interfere with your artistic nature.

C : This letter denotes an inate and practical understanding of your fellow man, but do not try to engage in lengthy conversations to assert your knowledge for this will trip you up. Try to use more common sense when solving problems for you have a tendency to rely on intuition instead. Intelligence will lead you to places of importance but be wary of your impulsive, act first and ask questions later, approach. It may get you into trouble.

D:Your ability to weigh things carefully causes people to trust your judgement. Let nothing discourage you, for success lies just ahead. Be careful of a brusque and forceful nature, it may sabotage your future. You may also need to overcome an inferiority complex, but patience will reward your efforts. Though you may be afraid of nothing, stay out of physical fights.

E : Though you may be timid early in your life, your shyness will eventually be overcome. Be careful not to become secretive and selfish. You may feel that this gives you power, but in actuality, it will only cause you to loose good friends and alienate your family. You would be surprised to know what people really think of you. Modify your ambition for money and fame and you will never lack friends and family who love and support you. Your ambition would be more readily achieved through the use of intelligence and diplomacy. Be versitile and imaginitive, and these qualities will bring you honors. Do not become careless if you reach your goals; your fall will be great. Irrational behavior will destroy your success before it rests in your grasp.

F : Pride goeth before the fall should tell you something about your faults. You can be very proud with very little cause. Don't let your artistry make you conceited. A superstitious nature can also cause you problems. You have a good sense of justice and it will win you friends. Join an organization; you work well under direction. Your intelligence will take you far in your life if you are also diligent.

G : Don't be so morbid! You are a realist (even a pessimist), but this disturbs the people around you. You like to be alone and sometimes this is good for you, but indifference will hurt you more than them. An outdoor occupation or hobby would probably be for the best, and science may play a significant role in your life. Be careful in matters of money, avoid excesses, and you will go far.

H : Pursuit of your ideals will bring you great happiness, as will music and art. Avoid being overly critical others, it will all come back to you. Bragging will not raise your status either. Don't concern yourself with arts or literature. Your talents are numerous, choose only one to earn your fame.

I: The opposite sex is a nuissance to you and only through great effort can you find happiness in a family life. Don't confuse physical love with emotional love. Inconstancy will cause you great pain. Be wary. Being overly clever may be your downfall. Your talent is in your intense love and inspiration and this can be channelled into sympathetic and humane occupations such as the medical or psychiatric field. Do not let anyone belittle your idealism.

J : This letter signifies an intuitive and gifted person. You are eloquent, but be wary of going into business for yourself. If you can manage your inventiveness, you will aquire great wealth and high esteem. Try an occupation that lets you help others.

K : Love of your home may cause you to increase security, but while a desire for independence is fine, it can be dangerous if you go to extremes. Control your hunger for power, or it may control you. Your instincts point you in the right direction, but too much meddling in the way things are going can weaken your position. Discretion and moderation will always play important roles in your accomplishments.

L : Sobriety and deep thought will promote your natural talent for magic and mystery, but do not be overly superstitious. Theological studies will be of great assistance to you. Keep your sexual urges under control, or they may place you in unpleasant situations and relationships. Jealousy and hatred must be struck from your mind before you can hope to achieve success and find happiness. An outdoor occupation would be a money maker for you.

M : Physical comforts and wealth are very important to you, but don't take your pleasures to excess. Too much food, drink, or any bad habit is not good for you. Respect for religion will give you strength and peace of mind. Too many risks will destroy your stability. Keep your expenses under control, and you should be fine. If you become a spendthrift, you could loose your mental stability. Be wary of being too morbid as well.

N : Indecision is your worst enemy. Developing your personality and latent talents, you may overcome your fear of everything. Control your impulsive and sometimes irritable nature, and you will find happiness and many more friends. Imaginary problems will hound you until you decide to stick with your immediate interests.

O : Be a constant and devoted lover or friend, and you will always be rewarded with joy. Flirtation will only bring you bad luck and disappointment. Your love of life could be marred by your imagination. Your head dictates to your heart but be careful of recklessness. Consider carefully before marrying; you can be too much of an idealist. It would bring you misfortune. Be wary of selfishness, it will defeat your plans. Modify your demands, and you should be fine. Keep active; your sedentary life style is unhealthy.

P : Follow your artistic talents for a brilliant career. Literature, music, or some form of art will bring you what you want. You will have a great future if you consentrate on your most obvious talent. Your practical abilities will also bring financial reward. What you need though is common sense.

Q: Your best plan of action would be a career in science. Your cleverness would also take you far in business or industry. Don't be afraid to find someone to manage your ideas; some of your schemes may be risky. Your love for your fellow man will place you in the correct profession. Look for the best in everything, but be aware that too much optomism can be as bad as not enough.

R: Your powers of persuasion will place in you in a prominent position, but your evasive nature marks you as a schemer. Your money will be made in business. An adventurous spirit brings many changes. Select a career in politics, invention, something practical. You have a tendency to scatter your energies on too many projects at once.

S : You are very gifted and have great talents, but don't overrate them. Choose your best one and develope it. Your charisma will put you and others on the road to prosperity. Versatility and fearlessness will give you a spectacular career, but don't neglect saving for your old age. You are an aesthetic, but be practical. Stick to an normal career. Great vision may take you far, but don't loose sight of what you already have. Originality and articulation are your best talents, but you can be unorganized and scatter your energy. Be careful not to become a penny pincher. Seek advice.

T: If you can utilize your great imagination, you will enjoy riches and honors, but your restless, nervous, and even petulent actions may get in the way. You need companionship and a change of surroundings to lift your boredom. Your love of fantasy and the strange will assist you in new endeavors, but do not forsake facts and history. No intense study is needed for you to absorb what you learn.

U: You take great pride in your achievements and this is only proper for you are notewhorthy and successful. You also take great joy in your family or home. Bragging and exaggeration however will only lead to disappointment, and beware of egotism. Vulgarity and lack of respect will only bring you harm. Unselfish, charitable acts will bring happiness and prosperity, and staying with your ideals will bring you great acclaim. Honesty will bring you honor and distinction. You may be very devout, but be wary of fanaticism and intolerance. Creativity and adaptability make you highly placed in any enterprise. Be practical in every way and avoid being a perfectionist and an extremist.

V : Keep your values to yourself. Real estate is where you can make your fortune. Music and poetry are excellent outlets for your melancholy and introspection. Apply your talents in mathematics to your scientific endeavors, and avoid the occult and superstions. Overcome your dislike of socializing.

W : If you like money, put your talents to work in business or science. Comedy would also be a good profession for you. Use your originality, but don't be impulsive. You are very sympathetic; don't let it care you away.

X: Use common sense to direct your talents. Combine your artistic intersts with merchandising in a manner you like. Direct your interests toward engineering until you find a niche for your artisitc skills. Write as a hobby until it proves its worth. Your love of excitement and publicity make you vulnerable, but it can be a boon in public appearances.

Y: Use your aggressive personality to sell, and you will find success. You are a fighter, physically and mentally, with the courage to stand by your decisions. Don't look for trouble though. You will find it and quarrels won't solve it. Seek advice. The military would be a good career for you, but it may be difficult to choose between home and country.

Z: You are a calculating idealist, and your pride does not let you concede to others. Though you have the ability to appraise a situation and it will bring you success, your respect for others is minimal for you feel your ability exceeds theirs. Apply your vanity to your home and surroundings. In whatever business attracts you, avoid bragging but don't be common place. Maintain your ideals, and you will attain your goal.


  1. How do you think I feel, I have 2 "A"'s and 2"N"'s.So a little cranky myself apparently. I love the comment under the "I"- The opposite sex is a nuissance to you and only through great effort can you find happiness in a family life. Don't confuse physical love with emotional love.". Yup, that about sums things up for me lol.

  2. So very interesting! Never look at my name this way. Love your clever blog.

  3. Thanks Ann, I'm looking forward to finally sharing all the things I know and that inspire me.


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