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Friday, April 30, 2010

I Need Your Opinion

I spotted this chandalier a few months ago listed on Craigslist. I had been searching for the traditional crystal candelabra style but this one caught my eye and I kept coming back to it.
A few days later it was still there, so I finally emailed them to see if it was still available. Weeks went by and no response but the ad was still up. I tried emailing the other address she had listed and still no response. Another week went by and I looked and sure enough the ad was still up so I followed a link to Kijiji where she had listed the lamp with a bunch of other stuff. I tried emailing her through there as well. Still no response! I finally gave up and copied the picture to save on my computer so I could go and admire it from time to time.

About 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, the seller finally contacted me and said she still had it if I was still interested. I was amazed that after all these months I was finally going to get the lamp after all. So after a few weeks of cat and mouse emails ,phone calls and various arrangements, the lamp is finally home with me. It's funny but I knew the minute I saw the picture that it would be in my life. I almost blogged about it a few times as if it already was. I can't wait to have a home to hang it in.

I'm not so sure about the brass finish, I was thinking of Heirloom White, what do you think....leave it or paint it it?

In the meantime, I am stilll keeping my eyes open for a chandalier  like these ones....


  1. I think your right, white would be perfect! It will really bring out the lines. I guess good things do come to those who wait!!!!

  2. I've spent much of the last 30 years as an antique stripper ;) , please don't paint. It's beautiful as it was meant to be.

    (P.S. - I dont get this 'profile' thing...)


  3. Hello Rhianna! I have this same light and I painted it white. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! All the swirls and pretty cuts pop and you will not be disappointed. I have a lot of furniture that I have painted heirloom white and this would be lovely too. Please post if you decide to paint it.


  4. Hi Rhianna, it really is lovely, so it must have been "meant for you". I love the brass, and I also think white would be gorgeous! Have fun, can't wait to see your completed setting.

  5. Thanks for everyone's input. Sandy I would love to see your white version of this lamp. If you see this comment, please email me a picture of your lamp.I would really appreciate it.
    Caren, I'm not sure what you mean by the "profile" thing. Email me and I will try and sort it out for you.

  6. It is beautiful just the way it is. It looks fairly vintage and if it was something you picked up at Winners I would say go for painting. But I think I would leave it. It is very pretty.


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