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Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspiration Monday - Wild Stone Houses

I have always said , that even if I lived in a cave, it would be the cutest cave around. Here are some fantastic cave\stone houses that I admire.

I'm thinking the hollowed out part on the left is for collecting rainwater
This is the other side of the same house

I have been facinated by Earthships for years now. They are the brainchild of a man who found a way to recycle tires ,bottles and cans into a structure that that maintains a constant ambient temperature, recycles water and uses natural lighting .  Here are some pictures of various earthships and some interior shots.

The story of earthships

This has to be my favorite one of all, how fantastic is this!

Then there is the Flintstone house. I love this place and how they built everything in

From a distance this just looks like a dusty hill,

but come a little closer...
Notice anything strange about these rocks?
Thats right, it's an entire cave village! Come check it out.

Then there is this place, I just have no words for this
I could definately live in this cave!!


  1. That's a big WOW, like something out of Star Wars, I liked the last one, very colorful, very groovy.

  2. Hey,

    This is really some amazing stuff! I am currently making a powerpoint presentation to show people in the local community in Chiapas, Mexico about sustainability and and I would really like to use some of these photos if that would be OK. If you could reply to that'd be great!


    Hayley Spann


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