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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Creative Saturday

Today I finally had some time to get at a few projects. I got back from the hardware store with all the stuff needed to finish my brass pot and this lovely silver tray. The brass pot is going to be painted white and the tray is going to be painted with blackboard paint so I can use it as a chalkboard menu in the kitchen.

I just love all the fancy detail around the border and the handles of this beautiful serving tray that I picked up for 5 dollars

I want to keep the outside silver, so used masking tape to protect it

Heres my weapons of craft construction
First order of the day was to give the pieces a good wash with TSP mixed 1:10 with water, then I used fine (320) grit sandpaper to really scrub the brass and get all the dirt and laquer off of it

Then it was out to the backyard as the primer really stinks  and gave the pieces a coating of primer
I had to wait 30 minutes for it to dry, so I went back in the house, washed up and made chocolate covered strawberries with the berries I picked up this morning for only a dollar a box. I have never seen them this cheap, so bought a couple. I'm going to freeze the rest for smoothies, yumm!
Then it was back outside to spray the white paint on the planter and brush  the blackboard paint onto the tray. They have to dry for 24 hours, so you will have to come back tomorrow to see the finished result
To see the finished results come read this post

Remember this stovetop grill I got the other day? I am LOVING it. I have made a few meals on it already and it works awesome. You can put water or broth in the bottom layer to steam veggies etc and place your meat in the middle to grill it. I don't put any oil on it or anything. Just throw it on the burner, let it heat up for a few minutes, throw on the food, dinner is ready in about 5 minutes, Clean up is a snap, just give it a rinse and a wipe.Every home should have one of these.
I cooked New York Steak and asparagus on it yesterday.

This is what I had for supper tonight.
MMMMM, all the healthy oils on one plate. Very tasty fish, with a squirt of lime and a salad with avocado,peppers, sundried tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese drizzled in olive oil. healthy ,tasty and super easy to make
And of course a few tasty strawberries for dessert!
Bon Appetit!

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  1. Those strawberries look delicious! Headed over to see the reveal of your tray!
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