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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thrifty Sunday - April 25, 2010

I seem to be channeling my inner Martha Stewart these days. I have always been interested in crafts and decorating but lately my interest seems to be heading into the kitchen. I am suddenly fascinated with dishes, table settings and tasty recipes. With that in mind, I seem to be drawn to all things glass.

I want to apologize in advance for my pictures. At this point in my life, I am living in a 10x 10 foot room. I used to live on a boat so am used to small quarters, but it doesn't leave me much room to stage great pictures. The lightning in my room consists of large flouresant fixtures and a stain glass lamp. I am usually taking my pictures at night because I am working all day and my bed is the largest surface available. I hope to find a proper home of my own by the end of summer and be able to display everything as it should be.
My entire blog is coming to you from this room.

This half is the kitchen/media center:

and this half is the bedroom
I barely have enough room to turn around in here, so needless to say, producing crafts and cooking extravagant meals is a challenge. Finding a few square feet to photograph the results, almost impossible, so please bear with me.

These sweet little jars were my first find of the day. I wish I had a set of these, I can picture serving a yummy dessert in them. As I only have two tho, I think they will end up in the bathroom as useful containers.

I found a few more cloche type pieces to go with the one in the middle that I found a few weeks ago. I love the one with the crackle glass
I couldn't get the right light to photograph this piece but it is very pretty and will go with my new collection of serving dishes for outdoor dining.
I found four of each of these plates. I love the white ones for salads or appetizers and the other one to go with the ceramic set I am putting together. To bad there was only four of them, but I don't really mind as I am not above mixing and matching to create a dish set.
I like these decorative square plates to go with the glass set of dishes I seem to be aquiring
This juicy little ceramic box will go with this wonderful ceramic sink I got for free on Craigslist
Another ceramic bottle for vinagar to go with the oil bottle of last week
A variety of stands that I will glue to the bottom of various plates to create cake stands and such things. The two metal ones in the middle were actually found in two different stores. I couldn't believe what a close match they were when I got them home

Again couldn't get a good picture of this plate but it is a cool green colour which goes well with the metal stand

Some glass stands
The one in the front will be glued under this pretty frosted serving plate
I found these stands to hold cards. I often have buffet type meals and always wanted to put cards with a description of the food in front of the dishes that wern't so obvious what they were, or what was in them. I have often passed up what were probably tasty dishes at parties just because I wasn't sure what it was.
This cute candle holder, it is a little on the tacky side but I am planning a bedouin tent,pillow room type bedroom with lots of red indian style rugs, so this will go with the lighting decor

More dishes....sigh
Two sweet glass bowls with pretty designs in the bottom and seven pink plates sitting on top of a cranberry glass cake plate
and last but not least, my prize find of the day, is this wonderful fountain. It had just come in the store and hadn't been priced yet. The salewoman didn't know if it worked or not and it was in pieces. I offered her 10 dollars as is and she agreed. I went home and googled it and found the exact same one for about $ 250.00, here is the link if you want one of your own

And here is mine all set up ...and it WORKS!!

Happy thrifting

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  1. love your blog, I'm a new follower, come visit me:

  2. Oh...that fountain would forever make me want to pee!

  3. I thought it would too, but it is quite loud like a babbling brook, I manage to sleep through it.It is wonderful to have the negative ions that it produces in the room, changes the whole energy here.


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