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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Riot of Colour - The Garden Comes to Life

I live in a rented home and this is my first spring here, so every day in the garden is a surprise for me. It's incredible how fast things are growing. They literally pop up overnight and within days some of these plants are bigger than me. Here is some fresh colour from this weeks garden.

The first peony to open, this flower is as big as my face!

                                                                  Birthing Peonies

                                                                Fiery Azalias
  Not sure what this is, the bush looks similar to a Rhodedendron but the flowers look like orchids.
                                                  Can't wait to see this in bloom!

                                                                     Vibrant green
                                                    What a sweet umbrella this guy found!
                                                      Pretty in pink Rhododendron              

     The out-of-control mystery vine on the balcony. Bonus because the flowers smell awesome!
Edited to add, the mystery has been solved! The vine is called Akebino or Chocolate Vine and some people think it smells of chocolate or vanilla. Apparently if weather conditions are right , it can produce an edible chocolate flavored fruit. In our climate it stays green year round and produces copious flowers and aggressive fast growing tendrils in the spring.
 This burst of wildness more than doubled its size in the last few weeks. Its rose bushes and something I don't recognize behind them
                                               Phoenix watching the plants grow!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. That peony is gorgeous. Somehow I don't see peonies in the area where I live. I guess they are not very popular flowers. I wonder why, they are so beautiful.


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