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Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrifty Sunday May 21,2010

Yes, I haven't stopped shopping, I  just worked so much last week, I couldn't get out to the shops. I made up for it this week though. I bought so much, I'll have to divide it into two posts.

My first juicy find of the day was this over- the- top ornate candle holder. It was only $3.50! I seem to be collecting quite a bit of brass and gold coloured things lately. It's not really my favorite look or colour.I will wait until I am settled into a proper home and then decide whether to keep them the same or paint them to match my decor.

Next up is these gorgeous tiny lampshades made to fit over small pointy bulbs. I got two of these at $1.50 each.
Then I got some stuff for the garden, this wonderful metal plant stand
this cute little watering can for getting into small areas
these cute silver cups and saucers which I want to turn into planters for the windowsill
I can't resist anything with hearts on it!
This silver rack weighs a ton, I thought it would make a handy container in the bathroom for storing rolled up facecloths
This wonderful shelf was only $2.50 I think it will go perfectly under the candlabra up top
I grabbed a bag of old teaspoons for 9 dollars so I can work on creating some silverware jewlery like I was talking about in this post on how to recycle silverware into art.
I seem to be attracted to cherubs lately and found this one to join the others
and this one in the center is new as well

Well thats it for today, stop by next week and I'll show you the rest of the haul.

Happy thrifting!

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  1. You certainly found some wonderful things! I'm particularly smitten with the candelabra.

  2. Wow! You hit the jackpot with all your great finds! Love everything! ~Marcy

  3. Hey, I just found these lovely plant markers.

  4. Thanks for that Tana, very cute idea. I saw another blog were she was using the same stamps on metal washers and using them to decorate things. I liked the idea and now I can combine 2 crafts together!

  5. great finds Rhianna! Tons of stuff, lots of pretties!


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