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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Garden in May

Well the garden continues to delight and amaze me. It is a riot of colour these days.
Here is my cat hunting in the ferns

The Bachelors Buttons are everywhere, they seem to have self- seeded themselves all over the yard.
The Rhododendrons in full bloom
Bearded Iris closeups
One of these things is not like the others.....
one rogue flower in the middle of the Azaeleas

Pink flowering Dogwood tree

The neighbors Clematis climbing on our fence
Rhododendron closeup

The Peonies gone mad

Hows this for a huge flower!

Flowering Dogwood closeup
Clematis closeup
Can't wait to see what these will be, they are already quite a bit taller since I took this picture last week.
These little guys were growing under the raspberry canes
A beautiful multi-petaled tulip
White Rhodos in the front yard
The front yard from a distance

Lilacs, yum

A pretty Daffadil
One lone purple tulip
Spring Flowers on the porch

If you look close , you can see that the hedge is being trained into the shape of an elephant

The Lily of the Valley in bloom

A Peony flower
Cut flowers for the home, the smell is so intoxicating!
May flowers bloom in your life and fill your soul with gorgeous frangrence,

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