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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to go with the Flow using Biorythms

Life isn't like a box of chocolates,

              it's like a rollercoaster!

 In every life, there are ups and downs. But what if you could plan for them? Calculating your biorhythms could help you do just that. According to biorhythm theory, our lives are affected by three primary cycles: Physical, emotional and intellectual. The cycles start at birth, and then go up and down at different rates throughout our life. By knowing if our cycles are at a high or low point we can try and schedule things accordingly so that we are able to be at our best when needed and know to set aside time for rest when that is indicated.

Generally, the more high or positive a given cycle is at any given time, the better one can interact in the related arena. The reverse is true during low or negative points of a cycle. If you are at a negative point, you can still perform well in the affected area,it will just be more difficult. But with a biorhythms reading you will know this and can plan accordingly.

Biorhythms were first discovered by Doctor Wilhelm Fliess (in Berlin) in the early 1900's. As a physician he noted good/bad days and discovered that they occur in rhythmic cycles (as Emotional and Physical cycles), but definitely in predictable patterns. Several years laster an Austrian professor Alfred Telscher identified the third cycle: the Intellectual cycle.

PHYSICAL: The physical rhythm cycle is the shortest with a duration of 23 days, it is responsible for strength, stamina, drive, confidence, energy, aggressiveness and courage.

EMOTIONAL: The emotional rhythm cycle lasts for 28 days and determine your moods, optimisms, cheerfulness, creativity, well-being and your emotional sensitivity.

INTELLECTUAL: The intellectual is the longest rhythm cycle, lasting 33 days and it influence your powers of reason, perception, acuity, judgement, decision-making and common sense.

Each rhythm has two stages (or phases), positive or high on the chart, and negative or low on the chart. The day of transition from one phase to the other is called a critical day, and they are very important, for it is then that we are most prone to accident, instability and error. During the days of transition (critical days) we become vulnerable, off-balance and our normal reactions are slowed down. This period may last for up to 48 hours, so it is important to be aware of when these critical days are going to occur so that you can plan ahead and effectively make an adjustment.

Here is my biorythm reading for today. As far as I'm concerned it is bang-on. I don't have alot of energy today, I am more interested in staying in and working on my blog posts than doing anything very physical. Emotionally , I am in a good mood, I feel upbeat, just don't want to have to go anywhere.

When I click on the highlighted date, I get a pop up box with a written description of what that day will be like.
You can see any day you want just by adjusting the day on the calender that you want the reading for.

To download your own biorythm calculator click here 

Now instead of worrying that your losing your mind when you can't find the car keys, or that your coming down with something because you have no energy, go check your biorythms and see if there is a correlation.

Just remember that just like a rollercoaster, no matter how down you are, you will be going up eventually and no matter how high, you will fall again. Its ok, it's life, go with the flow, stop bucking nature and enjoy the ride...

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