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Monday, May 3, 2010

Inspiration Monday - Beds

Since my car accident 20 years ago, my bed has become my favorite piece of furniture. I find if I prop myself up with enough pillows, I am more comfortable then I would be sitting on a couch. Because of this preference, I find that my life has moved into the bedroom . For that reason, I find I am designing rooms that are more of a combination living room/ bedroom . In my search for the bed that does dual purpose I became attracted to the opium beds and day bed options.                       

                       Here are some beds that I would love to curl up in.....

Opium Day beds ( sans mattress)

Some window seat beds

Beds close to the floor
And beds up there

One of my favorite beds!! Go check out her blog, she has the cutest cabin EVER!
Romantic beds

Funny bed
Beds with storage

Beds outside

But of all the beds, this is most like the one I want to build. I like it tucked into a bay window. I like the storage at the foot and head of the bed for books, tv etc. and the drawers underneath. My opposite wall would have another similar bay window with a jaccuzi tub. All the clothing storage would be in walk-in closets at the end of the bed and tub.  The center of the room would be open so I could set up my massage table if wanted or do yoga etc. The end of the room would have a small fireplace and comfy reading chairs with some small bookcases on the walls.

Sweet Dreams

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  1. Hello, So lovely, thank you for sharing, love all the romantic beds.

  2. Wow, this is very cool. I really liked the bed in your blog. I liked the romantic bed. I want to buy it for my new house with my wife later. Sure my room will be very beautiful.

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