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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thrifty Sunday - May 2, 2010

 Another juicy weekend at the thrift store! Seriously,I could never work at one of these places. Nothing would ever make it out onto the shelf. Hmmmm, maybe I'm onto something here. I'll just call myself a thriftstore and people will  back up their truckloads of stuff at my place. Save me the bother of going out looking for it all :) Naw, the going shopping is what gets me out of the house. So this is this weeks haul...

To start things off I found this sweet corner shelf for 3 dollars.

And still continuing with the ceramic party-dishes-with-fruit-themes look, I found a few more serving platters

some gorgeous bowls

8 cute side plates

                      and this wonderful, huge,colourful bowl on a pedestal....

                                             looking inside the bowl

                                     Then there was this gorgeous treasure
                            This has to be the juiciest ice bucket ever!!                                                
                             What did the grape do when it got run over?      
                             It little out a little wine!

This bad boy set me back 40 dollars. Pretty steep for thrift storing but it is such a one-of-a kind, spectacular bucket that I couldn't walk away. I don't see it getting used all that often to serve chilled wine, so I need to come up with some other uses for it. I am accepting all your groovy ideas on ways to keep this out of the cupboard and on display.

I actually got this one back in December but thought that,as long as I'm showing off the bucket , I would show you this piece as well.
I love the detail on the cap!

It's funny, I have never noticed all these glass pedestals before until I started looking for them. They are everywhere. My question is, where are they all coming from? Is it normal to sell pedestals by themselves? Are these all from something that broke but left the pedestals intact? I'm not sure why they exist but I now have about a dozen of them. Go figure? This was the last one I found.It's the most intricate one yet. I think I'll be gluing it to the bottom of the nice glass platter I got last week and looking for a cake dome to complete it.

                                                                 Aren't these cute!

        Remember my friend Shelly's collection of baking forms?

 Well I found a few of my own today to start my own kitchen art display

Another thing I can't seem to stop buying is candle holders. I love all the beadwork on this one. It cost me 99cents and must of taken hours of work to make.

and last but not least, another cloche to add to the collection, this one in pretty blue.
Happy thrifting. I'd love to see what you find on your thrifty adventures.


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