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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miraculous Messages From Water

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A few years ago , someone sent me an email that changed my life.

I was introduced to the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto who was studying the power of focussed thought or intention.

The first time I saw Dr. Emoto's work, it really blew my mind. It vividly illustrates what the human mind is capable of... and definitely initiates questions on the power we have over our own environments.

The amazing research he conducted, was to freeze water and photograph the crystals using a microscope that was fitting with a camera. His theory was that when frozen, water would form crystals (like snowflakes), and that water from different sources would produce different types of crystals (depending on the location, contamination levels, and other factors).

So he set out to photograph water in as many situations as possible. Although he produced no two crystals that were exactly identical, he immediately noticed that the crystals within the same sample were all quite alike in structure. (This is to say, the crystals within a specific sample showed a distinctive tendency, called a "grid crystal / laminar crystal structure", which is used to identify crystals.)

Without getting too technical , the upshot is, he realized that not only pollutants had an effect on the crystal structure, but also other factors which were not as immediately obvious... he set out now not only as a scientist, but also as a philosopher open to discovering a whole new world view!

He played music to water samples before freezing them. Some samples were exposed to beautiful, classical, healing music and some were exposed to heavy metal.

He had people (individually and in groups) pray over the water before freezing it.

He had technicians write words of positivity or negativity on the vials of water, and even that showed an amazing effect. This study was also repeated in a double blind, where the words were written in languages that the technicians did not understand (to rule out thought interference).

The positive thoughts, prayers, music, and words (in whatever form they were expressed in) created very stunning and beautiful symmetrical crystals, whereas the negative or destructive thoughts, prayers, music and words created "mud" or formless blobs. (Some of these I find actually quite threatening- or sinister-looking, personally)

I can't help but make the connection that humans are at least 70% water.... Plus, our food contains a great deal of water... Our planet is covered in water...

Are the power of our thoughts determining our form on a physical level? Can thoughts, prayers, words, music, and other forms of human expression actually pollute or purify water ? Dr. Emoto's studies seem to indicate this.

And to take it one step further, water is the only substance that was studied here. How far could this "intent" thing conceivably go? How much effect do we REALLY have on our environment, our possessions, our food, and each other? I'll leave that for you to ponder.

I included some links below to look at some more research, interviews, and photographs. Of course, just typing "messages from water" or "Masaru Emoto" into Google or another search engine will get you tons of sites on Mr. Emoto and his amazing research!

Click here to see photographs of the amazing changes in water , you won't believe your eyes.

 Click here to read a facinating interview with Dr. Emoto

Years ago I studied meditation with a group that would not eat anything that wasn't prepared by themselves. Their theory was that if you prepared food while in a bad mood, that that energy would be imparted to the food and absorbed by the person eating it. After learning about Dr. Emoto's work, I can now see the sense in their thinking. I am much more concious now of my words, thoughts, the music I listen to and totally believe in the power of prayer to create positive change.

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