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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face Reading and Diagnosis

Facial Diagnosis
As almost every mother instinctively knows and has relied upon from the beginning of time, looking into a child's face can provide telling and quick signs of possible unrest or a form of illness. In the 1800s Wilhelm Schuessler, a German homeopath, created a new science stemming from this straightforward means of identifying symptoms. He used a probing look - "facial diagnosis" - to assess how a person was feeling. Schuessler believed that certain facial expressions, movements and appearances reveal moods, dispositions and disorders, especially to the physician with years of experience. By visually studying his patients' faces, Schuessler was able to diagnose a range of illnesses and choose the appropriate remedies. Building on his practice, natural medicine has since developed specific guidelines for using facial diagnosis. It is believed that practitioners following these guidelines can quickly and accurately draw conclusions about a patient's physical condition and ailments.

What The Facial Diagnostician Considers

· Shape, size, color and expression of the face
· Skin and hair color
· Skin wrinkles and lines
· Moles, spots, nodules and swellings
· Shape and color of the eyes, ears, and nose
· Shape of the mouth and chin
· Color, contours and shape of the lips
· Visibility of blood vessels

The Diagnosis: The diagnostician draws conclusions by means of careful observation and knowledge based on experience. Technical devices and laboratory methods are considered distracting. The practitioner also takes a complete case history, discusses it with the patient and integrates this information with findings from the facial diagnosis. Health-insurance funds do not cover the costs.

How Is the Diagnosis Made? Facial diagnosis is based on the long-established idea that many internal ailments express themselves in the patient's external appearance, particularly in the face. It is believed that skillful diagnosticians and experienced caregivers can read the face for these tale-tale signals.

The Viewpoint of Mainstream Medicine: Before laboratory technology and diagnostic equipment were developed, visual diagnostics was a relied-upon means of finding illness. Great physicians mastered this method and were often extremely accurate in diagnoses. Today, medical textbooks include descriptions of facial symptoms of certain conditions.

Extra Tip: Experienced facial diagnosticians can recognize signs of incipient illnesses, such as the early stages of cancer.

Signs and Symptoms
· Telltale Wrinkles: two furrows between the nostrils and the corners of the mouth are viewed as signs of gastric or other digestive disorders. They can also indicate excessive stress and anger.
· Lower Jaw Shape: A lower jaw that juts out sharply is a sign of physical and emotional energy that can be excessive and result in aggression in certain situations. People with this characteristic often have hectic lifestyles. A lower jaw that is very "pulled-in" can indicate suppressed emotion and a tendency toward depression.
· What the Eyes Tell Us: Facial diagnosticians believe that wide-open pupils reveal not only a life-loving disposition, but one that may be inclined to constant activity as well, which can lead to stress. Protruding eyes indicate an overactive thyroid.

Facial Symptoms
Trained diagnosticians can recognize these ailments by studying the face:
· "Mitral face": Red cheeks and paleness around the mouth indicates heart-valve (mitral-valve) disorders
· General Paleness: Indicates anemia, such as from iron deficiency or shock
· White Tip of The Nose: Indicates reduced production of gastric acid
· Red Face: Indicates a worsening of blood, heart and lung ailments and the presence of high blood pressure
· Red, Round ("full moon") face: Indicates Cushing's syndrome, marked by excess adrenal function; can also indicate treatment with cortisone.
· Brownish Pigmentation: Indicates Addison's disease, marked by reduced adrenal function
· Yellowish Skin (jaundice): Indicates liver, bile, or blood ailments
· Fleshy Growths on the Outer Ear or the Eyelids (gout nodules): Indicates gout, marked by excess uric acid
· Cracks at the Corners of the Mouth: Indicates anemia or allergies.

Face Reading

contributed by Phinxy

Face reading has been used for millennia in both the Eastern and Western civilizations. In the Western world it is called physiognomy while in China it is known as xiang mian (siang mien) and kan xiang. Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen and Chaucer all studied and wrote about physiognomy. In China, face reading has a long association with medicine. Skilled specialist practitioners diagnose illnesses from careful observation of the face.

Are you ready to find out what your face reveals about you?

First of all, take a good long look in the mirror. Don't judge! Don't be critical! Just look and take careful note of your facial features.

Are you already cursing your double chin? Well, don't! It means that happiness will come later in life but it will make up for arriving so late by arriving in bulk.

Do you hate the way your ears stick out? This reveals that you are an unconventional, original and independent thinker.

Do you wish you didn't have "crow's feet"? Enjoy them, because they show that you can see and appreciate the bigger picture. It also shows you are not easily fooled.

Do you curse a constantly shiny nose? According to Chinese wisdom, a shiny nose reveals good money luck. So check in the mirror before you place that next bet!!


Do you have permanent vertical worry lines between your eyes on your forehead?
These lines reveal that you drive yourself hard and don't like to settle for second best.
What about a single horizontal line between your eyes?
This shows you have the weight and responsibility of the world on your shoulders. You need to find a way to ease the burden you feel you're carrying.

Do your ears stick out?
This shows you are a non-conformist and an independent thinker. You are a scholar and a quick thinker but you are also stubborn.
Do you have pointy ears?
This reveals that you are not as kind-hearted and reliable as you like to make out. On the positive side, you are original and inventive.

Have you got a vertical line on your earlobe?
Watch out for heart problems, you need to take better care of yourself than you do.
Are your earlobes attached to the side of your head?
Don't tell anyone, but this reveal just what a "bossy boots" you are. People often perceive you as superficial.

Do your eyebrows meet in the middle?
Stop worrying so much. Your mind is always on the go and you find it hard to relax. You also need to stop taking everything so personally or else you'll find yourself often feeling depressed.

Are your eyebrows always messy and unruly?
This betrays your often chaotic and unconventional mind. You can be tactless at times. You can see all sides in any issue which can embroil you in many unwanted arguments. After daydreaming through your early thirties, you finally get organised and find success.

Are your eyes set close together?
This reveals that you have a narrow and calculating approach to life. Although fairly intolerant, you can accurately assess the world around you and use it to best advantage.

Are your eyes set far apart?
You are very tolerant of others and far-sighted. However, you are also gullible and setbacks launch you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Are your eyes deep-set?
You are cautious and reserved. Although you are deeply romantic, you never let yourself become unrealistic in love. You usually become successful from your late thirties onwards.

Do your eyes protrude?
You are strong-willed and egotistical, and you hate being interrupted or left out of anything.

Do you have a small ball at the tip of your nose?
You are an artist and appreciate quality and beauty.

Does your nose end in a bulbous shape?
You need financial security and often become a collector.

Does your mouth turn up even when not smiling?
You are prepared to always hear the best from people. You are a natural optimist and are rarely alone.

Or does it turn down naturally?
A natural pessimist, you naturally distrust most of what you hear. Ironically, this leads to less disappointment since when things turn out badly you are rarely surprised. Happiness comes later in life from mid-forties onwards.

Do you have a space between your two front teeth?
It means you are a risk taker and a dare devil. But you have a habit of changing your mind because you lack a clear sense of direction.

Do you have two big front teeth?
This reveals that you are impatient, stubborn as a mule and need to be constantly reassured.

Do you have a pointed chin?
You like to remain in the driving seat at all times. Intelligent and oversensitive, you can suffer from mood swings. You hate being ordered to do things without a full explanation.

Do you have a weak chin?
You are a peace lover and are very popular for it. You'd rather follow orders than give them. You avoid conflict at any cost. The danger is that your lack of ambition will leave you unprepared for retirement.

Any mole with a reddish gleam is always a sign of good luck, no matter where it appears.
Dark moles are more ominous, especially if they change shape or size.
If any mole at all ever changes shape or size, consult a doctor. It could be early sign of skin cancer.

Right on the hairline: Prosperity.

Between the eyebrows: Great wisdom.

On the tip of the nose: Your prosperity is constantly under threat.

On the inner ear: You have an above-average talent and will enjoy a long life.

Right cheek: Successful life.

Left cheek: You are studious and struggling.

On each cheek: You'll enjoy success after much hard work.

The same applies to blemishes and birthmarks.

Don't be fooled by plastic surgery!
When someone has plastic surgery, suddenly the features you are basing your conclusions on are false.

For example, someone with very thin lips (cool, reserved and slightly calculating) goes to a plastic surgeon and emerges with collagen-enhanced, overly large full lips (sensuous, physical and expressive). Their appearance has changed, people will now react to them and judge them according to their appearance, but the genetic blueprint has not changed one iota, so they are in effect two-faced now, with a private persona and a very different public persona.

New acquaintances are attracted to the person they first see, but they can get a shock, and almost feel deceived when they discover the true person deep down. Not that there is anything wrong with the true personality, it is just that what's inside doesn't match the packaging.

Face reading is particularly interesting in Hollywood where you are never quite sure if you are reading a "created" face, and therefore a "created" personality, or their true face.

Amazing Face Reading: An Illustrated Encyclopedia for Reading Faces by Mac Fulfer

This is a fun book written by a teacher/jury consultant. Presented in an encyclopedic style, this book contains 275 superb illustrations. There is no such thing as a poker face any more!


  1. Thank you very much for the insightful information. My son who just returned from Iraq is under military medical support and they "say" they are not sure why my son as severe swelling of the hands (also blue), wrists, elbows, knees and ankles (knees and ankles are better); deformity of his hands are beginning in past few weeks. He had this for past six months and just now getting treatment by medical. His jaw is completely out of alignment and pressing against middle ear and yes he loses his balance. His rheumatoid blood level is only at 30 which normal is about 15 and if it was rheumatoid the number would be over 70. I'm thinking parasite or some type of "viral bug" - what do you think before my son ends up permanently with crippled hands.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your son's condition. Not that I think I know the answer but I would have a ton of more questions about his condition to even know where to start looking. Edema (swelling)can be caused by many different conditions in the body, kidneys, liver,and heart conditions are just some of the systems that, when not functioning properly, can lead to swelling of the limbs.

    Diabetes causes nerve damage which could affect muscles and joints. Blockages in the blood stream is another cause of swelling.

    Considering he was in a war zone he could have been exposed to any number of toxic chemicals or poisons which could be having an effect on his system. Once tissue has been swollen for a length of time, it starts to die off as the body can't get interstitial fluid to each cell. The fact that his skin is blue is not a good sign.

    This is a link to a post that I put together that talks about Metabolic Syndrome which is an inflammatory process that happens to people.
    Follow the link in the post to Dr Weiss's post on what Metablic Syndrome is to see if any of that information sounds like it could be his problem.

    Being under extreme stress for a long period of time (a war zone would qualify I think) causes the body to excrete too much cortisol. After too much of this,the adrenal glands start to shut down and some of the many symptoms of this can include tissue swelling and inflammed joints.

    I'm sorry I don't have a more definative answer for you, but here are many causes of edema and many other symptoms that I would want to ask about to even hazard a guess. My advice is that he have a full physical with tests for all the major organs, blood work, thyroid,adrenals, diabetes etc to rule out a bunch of stuff. If it was me, I would also be going to see a naturopath to see if they had any ideas, as often your organs need nutritional support to regain their balance.

    As to his jaw being out of alignment, you don't say if it is congenital or from an injury but a chiropractor or someone who does cranio-sacral massage or Rolfing may be able to correct that. I send my prayers that your brave son feels better soon. Keep searching, the answer is out there somewhere.

  3. PS. here is a link to a good article which explains all the syptoms of adrenal fatigue and dizziness is another symptom , so read it and see if he fits any of the other symptoms as well.

  4. I landed here somehow while reading about JFK's Addison's Disease.

    No one can possibly be insane enough to believe any of this garbage, right? Large front teeth = stubborn? What in the holiest of hells?

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