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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thifty Sunday

Since I got my floathome, I feel obliged to spend any extra monies I have on renovation supplies. This is a good thing but not quite as satisfying as finding a good deal at the thrift store on pretty stuff. The other day , I couldn't take it anymore and needed a fix of thrift store treasure hunting. Here are my finds of the week

Another serving dish for my growing collection of dishes.

 I seriously love this dish set. The design on the edge is raised and the colour is a beautiful butter yellow
 I found this sweet plate stand to display them
 Another colourful party serving dish
 Interesting story behind this set. I found the bowls in one store and spent quite a bit of time contemplating buying them but as it was only the bowls, I decided not to. Later that day, I went in another store across town and they had the plates! I took that as a sign from the universe that they were meant for me, so bought them then had to hustle back to the other store to get the bowls. They are a lovely soft sage green that will look good in my new sage green accent kitchen.
 I also found this green rug for in front of the sink, its got lovely thick plush to sink my toes into while washing up.
 Some shabby chic fruit for display, love the crackly paint finish on them!

 I love anything Buddha, the hands are great but I especially love the candles which are shaped as lotus flowers.
 A lovely wall sconce
 A very cute set of small blue asian themed plates
 and a cute set of small asian bowls ( don't know if these are old but they have a more authentic looking design than the usual dollar store version)
 I love them together

A beautiful soft green ceramic bottle with asian writing

 and last but not least, my find of the day was these wonderful Christmas ornaments. There were 14 of them altogether for the paltry price of 2.99 for all. I LOVE the hand painted faces.

Total spent......under 20 good it made me feel.......priceless

Happy Thrifting,
I am linking to Cindy`s Show and Tell Friday

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  1. LOVE the buddha hands, and the wizard ornments! I understand the need to thrift shop - what a relaxing way to spend some time and not a lot of money.


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