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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ley Lines

Have you ever wondered why certain spots on the earth are deemed sacred or why you feel better in some locations than others? It may be because of Ley Lines.
From Wikipedia,
"Ley lines are alleged alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths that are thought by certain adherents to dowsing and New Age beliefs to have spiritual power. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his book The Old Straight Track. The believers in ley lines think that the lines and their intersection points resonate a special psychic or mystical energy."

A map of Englands Ley Lines and a key of sacred sites that they pass through

The earth is considered by many to be a living entity, complete with energy lines running along her surface, just as humans have energy meridians and chakras in their auric field. These earth energy lines crisscross the entire surface of the planet at regular intervals, creating a grid. In some latitudes the lines are about six feet apart and at other latitudes they are further from each other. The generic term for these lines is 'ley lines'.

Places where lots of ley lines intersect seem to be places of extra-ordinary energy and since time began have attracted humans to build places of worship or signifigance such as Stonehenge or the pyramids. Archeoligists have found old churches that sit on land that has always had some kind of house of worship on it, each layer unveiling an even older structure. Many of histories major sites such as Machu Picchu , the pyramids, aztec temples and such have been found to be in alignment with each other on major ley lines.
Ley lines, also known as “leys” and “dragon lines” are phenomena most people have heard of but few really understand. Indeed it would be fair to say that no-one understands them fully, as they remain largely unexplained.

From what we do know, a ley line seems to be a straight line that carries an altered form of the earth’s magnetic field, however it is proving difficult to define that power even to this day.

It has been claimed that birds, fish and animals use them as ‘compasses’, helping them find direction back to breeding grounds and to warmer climates during winter months. They have also been said to be vast prehistoric trade routes.
An article in New Scientist magazine, published in 1987, suggested that species as diverse as pigeons, whales, bees and even bacteria can navigate using the earth’s magnetic field.
It is thought that a tissue containing a substance called magnetite is responsible for this.
Magnetite enables living creatures to sense magnetic changes and has been found in human tissue linked to the ethmoid bone in the front of the skull.

So what defines a ley line?
Ley/Li/Lei : “The supposed straight line of a prehistoric track usually between hilltops” (Concise Oxford Dictionary)
“[Ley lines are] alignments and patterns of powerful, invisible earth energy said to connect various sacred sites, such as churches, temples, stone circles, megaliths, holy wells, burial sites, and other locations of spiritual or magical importance”. (Harper’s Encyclopaedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience)
The scientific belief, as previously explained, is that these lines are areas of altered magnetic fields.
The more spiritual and romantic belief is that they ooze back the energy from all the people who have trodden these mystical, religious paths since time began.It is even believed that UFOs are drawn to these ley lines, making them attractive to investigators of that particular phenomenon.

Walking across one of these lines is of no particular significance, because we pass across it rapidly. Sleeping on one--or particularly on an intersection of two or more-- is the equivalent to sleeping on a highway intersection. It can be exceedingly bad for your health, cause restless sleep, sleep-walking, and a host of other maladies.

Dowsing will allow you to find these lines and move your bed, your desk, or your favorite TV-watching chair to a healthier spot. Dowsing rods can be made out of a wire coat hanger into two L-shaped rods, and cutting two plastic straws to fit over the handles to allow for easy movement. Holding your rods lightly in your hands, at a level place, ask yourself where is the Hartman Line, or the Curry Net, or underground water (explanation of these lines follows). Then walk slowly forward and sideways until your dowsing rods open or cross.

The Curry Net

Curry lines are a global grid network of electrically charged lines of natural origin. These lines run diagonally to the poles and were first discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann. The lines are about 3 meters apart, although most experts recognize that this can vary.

The lines themselves are not seen as a problem, only the points where they intersect each other. As the lines are electrically charged, the intersecting points are either double positives, double negatives or one of each. From his studies Dr. Curry felt that the positively charged spots lead to a proliferation of cells, with the possibility of cancerous cell growth, whereas the negatively charged spots could lead to inflammation.

The Hartmann Grid

The Hartmann Grid consists of naturally occurring charged lines, running north-south and east-west. It is named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a well regarded German medical doctor, who first described it soon after the second world war. Alternate lines are usually positively and negatively charged, so where the lines intersect it is possible to have double positive charges and double negative charges, or one positive and one negative charge. Like the Curry lines, it is the intersections that are seen to be a source of potential problems.

The Hartmann Grid has been defined using the Chinese terms of Yin and Yang. The Yin (North-South lines) is a cold energy which acts slowly, corresponds to winter and is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism. The Yang (east-west lines) is a hot, dry rapidly acting energy. It is related to fire and is linked to inflammation.

Plants and Animals
Plants and animals are sensitive to geopathic stress: stunted trees with peculiar growths are often shown to be growing over areas of geopathic stress. It is as if their branches are trying to get out of the way of the harmful ‘rays’. Horses, dogs, cows, sheep, pigs and mice would not willingly settle over areas of geopathic stress, so if the dog has a favorite spot in your house, it can be identified as safe zone.

On the other hand, certain plants seem to like geopathic ‘stress’, particularly oak trees, firs, elderberry, peach, cherry and mistletoe. Studies in woodland areas show that lightning is far more likely to strike oak trees than, say, beech, which is known to hate geopathic stress zones. Is this telling us these areas are electrically polarized? Von Pohl is emphatic that lightning only strikes at underground water crossings.

Cats too like disturbance zones; so if the cat likes sleeping with you, better move! Some insects such as ants, wasps and beetles thrive over geopathic stress areas; look for ants’ nests along the outer walls of your home. Finally, bacteria and viruses also seem to like affected zones.

The Cure
There are many ways to antidote bad placement. The easiest and most effective is to move the furniture to a better spot. There are theories that copper wire around the bed frame helps, or crystals at the entrance of a ley line to the house.

Many years ago, when I first moved to Vancouver BC, I had an argument with my boyfriend. Frustrated, I left our home and drove around town aimlessly looking for somewhere to sit and think. I was drawn to Jericho beach were I found a nice bench on a ridge overlooking the ocean and the North Shore. I immediately felt at peace there. I calmed down, my thoughts were more rational, a feeling of peace and love came over me and I was able to return home in a much better frame of mind. Years later I read an article about ley lines that mentioned that Jericho beach was a cross roads for a number of ley lines. I wasn't surprised in the least to find out that that spot was considered a sacred spot due to the energy of bisecting ley lines. I didn't need a map to tell me it was a special spot, I felt it in every fiber of my being, just as our ancestors must of recognized certain spots as having a beneficial or special sacred energy.

So when your out in nature and you find a spot that feels special to you, it's not your imagination, stop and sit for a bit and let the earths chakras ( energy vortex) fill your soul with healing energy.

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