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Friday, September 24, 2010

Life is Like a Reality Show

Four years ago, I turned down a road I had never travelled on before and my life hasn't been the same since. I was invited to Mitchell Island , a small industrial island tucked in-between Vancouver and Richmond in the mighty Fraser River. Nestled up in the eastern corner was a community unlike any I had ever come across before. A man with a vision had procured an old military ship for a dollar and had formed a community of people living and working on it. Every day brought lots of challenges and lots of laughs. They inspired me to follow my dream of living on the water. Through their example , I learned what hard work, a steady vision, thinking outside the box and creative recycling could accomplish. A producer saw what they were doing and made a demo for a tv show based on the daily activities here. That demo finally got released to youtube, so here is a taste of life on Mitchell Island.

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  1. Hi Roz! Yes well that wasn't mean't to be. But we can proudly say that "we did that." Mind you though, you never know what the universe will send to you. That video could go completely viral. Cheers! Tana, the girlfriend.


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