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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Make a Steam Room for Under $100

I love to pamper myself with spa treatments but can't always afford to go. I prefer a steam over a sauna as I find the dry heat of the sauna hard on my lungs. Here is what I made so I could have a steam in the comfort of my own home. Best of all it packs away so it's not taking up space when not in use.

What you need:

-4 cotton curtain panels

-an electric deep fryer( the old fashioned kind, round with a basket that lifts out and a glass lid) I found mine at the flea market for under $20

-a chinese umbrella with bamboo/wood spines ( I cut the handle off and tied a strong rope around the knob on top to suspend it)
- a ceiling hook to hang the tent

-Sew the curtain panels together to create a tent, use the velcro to make three closures at the opening
-place the deep fryer minus the lid and basket inside the storage stool
-drape the tent over the open umbrella and hang it from a strong hook in the ceiling
-half fill the deep fryer with water and any herbs you want to use in your steam and turn it on hot enough to bring the water to a boil
-sit in the tent on the stool with the opening velcroed shut and enjoy the steam

The tent can be taken down and folded up to fit inside the stool with the deep fryer when not in use
Pamper yourself and enjoy, you deserve it!

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  1. Hi Rhianna...I never would have thought of something like this in one million years! It is so cool and I wish I had a spot to put one!

    Thanks for your sweet comments and for stopping by my blog...

    Take care,

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  5. you can also use a small tent instead of the umbrella and curtains.

  6. Cool! I'm doing it! It's better than spending several thouand dollars.

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