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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your Never Too Old...

...for your first dollhouse!  I'm sure every little girl dreams of a dollhouse when she is young. I know I did.  The other day I was looking in the antique section on Craigslist, not planning on buying anything just window shopping. When I saw this ad, my heart did a little flipflop, the dollhouse of my dreams was just down the road! I always loved the Waltons show and this house reminded me of theirs. I had to have it!

 I took these pictures at night with some small fairy lights to light up the rooms. Not my best work in photography but I will do a proper set of this house one when I am more settled and have somewhere with better light.
  All the furniture that came with it is antique style and all the drawers etc work, very nice craftsmanship

I already want to add extensions onto the house and collect or make more furniture.

 I was really inspired by this artists ability to make a dollhouse of Sandy's gorgeous Streamside Studio.

Check out the post of how she did it. Sandy has created the most beautiful little cottage ever and this dollhouse is a perfect replica of it. I wanted to do one too, but now I have a headstart. I can decorate mine however I want . Maybe someday I'll be ambitious enough to try and recreate my own home. Until then I'll have fun pretending I'm visiting the Waltons ( and helping them redecorate!)

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  1. Congratulations on your first dollhouse! It is GORGEOUS. I, too, would like to buy myself a dollhouse! I guess as we get older, we revert to childhood, as they say. You are lucky to have all the beautiful furniture in there also. Your dollhouse reminds me of my little red house, but I think your dollhouse is prettier! ;)
    P.S. The artist that made Sandy's dollhouse is my friend, Caroline at:
    Caroline is working on a GORGEOUS Gazebo right now. Check out her blog. You will love it!
    Caroline also has an Etsy shop. You might want to buy some of her "drapes" for your new dollhouse! They are adorable. Here's that link:

  2. Hi Gloria, thanks so much for the links, much appreciated. I love her version of Sandy's cottage and look forward to seeing what else she does. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  3. What a darling doll house and you are right, you are never too old...
    Please read this post on my Doll House when you have a chance:
    I LOVE mine and it is my dream come true!


  4. What a darling dollhouse! I'll certainly never be too old for one like that! *winks* And Sandy's stream side studio is amazing! That replica dollhouse is equally so! Vanna

  5. Rhianna,
    First let me tell you that I love your name! It is a beautiful name...
    Second, thanks so much for your sweet comment.
    I LOVE my doll house and it is my dream come true...
    When my hubby bought the doll house, he bought it at A.C.Moore's and bought several furniture sets with it. I do not know if you have an A.C.Moore by you . They sell different individual pieces and whole room furniture sets. I also bought a lot of things on EBAy. I am going to see if I can email you with the Ebay stores that I have bought from.


  6. Rhianna, I see you don't have an email address listed. Please email me, it is on my profile and I will tell you what EBay stores for Doll house items that I have used.


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