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Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspiring Makeover

Some houses are so cute, it's not hard to see how your furniture will fit and how to decorate the space. Then there are those so ugly, you can't ever imagine living in them or making them homey. This woman knocked my socks off with her reno's. She took a house I would have walked right past without a second look( unless it was in horror, the way you can't stop looking at a car accident) and turned it into a place I would love to live in. Take a minute to go check out her before and after shots of the reno's, I promise you will be impressed and inspired.

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  1. Hi Rhianna! I've visited The Painted Cottage before--she IS amazing isn't she! I also looked up your post on the globe and that's fascinating also. I really like displaying things in mine. Good to know what it is--Who thought of THAT? Your site is so full of information--thanks for visiting me and commenting. Jacqueline


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