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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thrifty Sunday November 28 2010

When I'm not busy doing renos, I'm online looking for materials and furnishings to complete my dream home. Here are some more of my recent treasures.

My home has two large sliding barn-like doors, one on each side of the building. This place was originally a workshop for building kayaks so the large entrances came in handy. I am constantly looking for ways to bring in more light to the place, so was thrilled to find these French doors to replace one of the sliders. Sadly like all the windows in my place they are single pane glass ( not great when it gets really cold out ). I am going to look for glass to put over one side with trim to hold it in place. Not really double pane windows but it should provide some better protection against the wind. I can also seal the inside windows with plastic to create another barrier. These won't be getting installed until the summer as it will result in a large gaping hole in the wall which will need to be framed in first.

 I leaned them up in front of the slider to see what the house will look like when they are installed
 I picked up this lovely small display cabinet which will save me some shelf building
 A close up of the trim on the cabinet
 On my way to pick up the cabinet, I was waylaid by the Value Village in Coquitlam where I hardly ever get too, so took a detour into the place. For some reason I got focused on the linen section and came up with a couple of table settings that will look awesome with my Christmas decor and favorite dishes. The colours aren't looking quite as good on here as they do in real life, but they are actually quite a nice match. I got four of the gold runners which I would place across the table and use as placemats. I found 8 old fashioned yellow embroidered napkins to go with it.

I also got this lovely sage green tablecloth which looks great with the gold runners as well
 I also got this burgendy tablecloth with these green and pink napkins to use with my pink dish set.
 I found 12 of these cute Christams tree name tag holders for the table
 This cute sleigh made of metal
 A cute flower vase made of metal as well
 and this really cute lantern which is going to go by my bathtub
 This green teapot seems to be the same colour as alot of other green things Ive found lately. I love it, it is such a  soft and delicate colour
 I found this funky sea serpent hook which I am going to use to hang.....
 this asian styled set of chimes
 I was so excited when I found this for only 6 dollars. It's a kit of balsa wood houses that you build and decorate. I can create my own village scene
It's a shame that most of this stuff probably won't get used this year as I don't have my reno's far enough along to hold Christmas here. It still feels good to know that I am ready for it though. Next year should see me with a kitchen and living room where I can finally entertain and decorate. I can't wait for those days!

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  1. wow! what great finds, and those doors! we are looking to get some in a thrifty way, but it isn't looking too good! stopping over from my romantic home.

  2. Those doors are going to look great, and you got a lot of good buys. I love that white lantern!
    Best regards,


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